The conservative Koch Brothers have followed up on year-end pronouncements insisting the federal government leave state-legal programs alone, now extending their reach with paid banner links on streaming CNN, arguing that the 10th amendment is violated when Congress or the federal agencies attempt to attack state legal activities, not a function of federal concern.

99% of Growers Still Out: The California Growers Association says out of an estimated 68,150 state growers, only 534 (0.8%) have filed a legal grow application thus far. However, many potential grow licensees have said the problem is with local governments (not state-issued temporary permits) who have not finalized their own rules for approving local cultivation licensing. CGA says wary growers need “fundamental and structural changes that allow small and independent” farmers to comply. The state’s top issued cultivation counties are: Humboldt (137 licenses), Mendocino (120), Calaveras (89), Monterey (35) and Trinity (35). Elsewhere, the BMMR has written nearly 500 non-licensed dispensaries asking they begin compliance or risk forced closure.

It’s “silly-season” at the nation’s state capitols where session deadlines are effectively killing many pro-cannabis bills without a chance of hearings. New Mexico will not see a voter legalization bill, as a Senate committee voted to table the measure. In Oregon, only a single bill (down from 10-plus last year) is pending to address the maximum height for home-grown plants. Colorado has passed out of committee a bill to allow home delivery to customers, with backers arguing passage will cut down on impaired driving. And in Illinois, several bills are pending for proposed recreational marijuana legalization, none with much chance of support by the governor. So another bill is now pending which would allow a citizen “non-binding” vote on whether Illinois voters back adult-use access. In Virginia, a bill to greatly improve CBD/THC access for medical marijuana patients would authorize physicians to issue “approvals” for any conditions deemed needed, rather than the existing CBD only legal access for intractable epilepsy, and end-of-life relief.

Health Canada has released a massive, 20-year study of cannabis consumption trends finding increased among persons 18 to 25, especially among women. For the period ending in 2015, use remained stable among 15 to 17-year-old males, but decreased among 15 to 17-year-old females and 18 to 24-year-olds of both sexes. Use increased during this period among people aged 25 or older. The most recent data from 2015 show that use was highest among those aged 18 to 24 (28.4%), compared with about 18% among those aged 15 to 17 and 25 to 44; 7.0% among 45 to 64-year-olds; and 1.6% among those 65 or older. Get the full report here:

Dear Abby had some kind words for a medical marijuana patient in Nevada. “Medical and recreational marijuana are legal for adults in the state of Nevada. That it is being used as an excuse to isolate you is cruel,” in a reply from Abigail Van Buren, to the Nevada patient, who said she was being shunned by her husband’s family for her “drug use.”