The Keith Stroup Show with Co-host Mikel Weisser, Episode 7

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The founder of NORML (the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) and star of our show, Mr. Keith Stroup, is the man who launched the entire national marijuana movement. Keith joins us from national NORML headquarters in Washington DC, and co-host Mikel Weisser joins us from somewhere above the ethereal plane in beautiful (and aptly-named) So-Hi, AZ.

Another busy week in American marijuana: governors in Vermont and Arizona veto hard-fought pro-cannabis legislation. Sessions rattles more sabers and the DEA’s Chuck Rosenberg dismisses cannabis as medicine. Meanwhile Iowa conservative Chuck Grassley jumps on the CBD bandwagon with a bill to reschedule cannabidiol and legalize its possession and a landmark new study finally definitively proves CBD’s use in treating epilepsy. One of the most powerful veterans’ groups in the nation joined the fight for cannabis reform. It’s all here, PLUS Keith takes readers questions about the new trend of academic cannabis programs.

Special thx to Nikki Stallard from California for this week’s listener question. Join us every week when we check up with Keith Stroup for the latest in marijuana news from Washington DC and around the country.

“Ask the Audience” question:

Aside from voting for pro-cannabis candidates, what do you think is the most effective action that citizens can take to help reform this country’s cannabis laws?

Send your answers, along with your own questions for Keith, or, suggestions for future episodes to and we may read your answers on the air.

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