The Keith Stroup Show with Co-Host Mikel Weisser, Episode 9

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Mr. Keith Stroup, the star of our show, is the founder of NORML (the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), and the man who launched the entire national marijuana movement. Keith joins us from NORML headquarters in Washington DC, and co-host Mikel Weisser joins us from somewhere above the ethereal plane in beautiful (and aptly-named) So-Hi, AZ.

Usually, our weekly update on the politics of marijuana featuring Keith Stroup, the founder of NORML (the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), highlights the latest developments in the world of cannabis. However, in today’s ever-evolving cannabiz, it’s sometimes hard to remember less than fifty years ago there was no cannabiz, only a drug war. At Cannabiz News we know a movement that cannot remember its history will make the same mistakes over and over.

So, with the help of Keith Stroup, America’s foremost expert on the history of cannabis reform, we are creating an oral history of the millions of people who have fought for and often been imprisoned for cannabis rights. Learn the stories, gain insight into the issues. You can help shape where we are going as a nation, by learning how we got here.

This Episode:

The cannabis reform movement began as a product of the tumultuous 1960s when a fresh-off-the-farm young lawyer from southern Illinois decided to challenge the establishment and try to create a consumer protection agency for cannabis smokers.

In this week’s episode Keith takes us back to before the very beginning. Learn how the Vietnam War and Ralph Nader shaped the original vision, what Ramsay Clark did to set the wheels in motion, why Hugh Hefner was critical to the early organization and what it’s like to smoke weed on the floor of the 1968 Democratic Convention with Hunter S Thompson himself.

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