Snoop D-O double-G, long-time weed smoker and marijuana industry pioneer, is teaming up with MassRoots, Incorporated, one of the top networks for medical cannabis patients, businesses and recreational users.

MassRoots recently announced the initiation of their new “Celebrity Influencer Campaign,” which is intended to help normalize the industry and expand their user base. MassRoots is extremely dedicated to informing the public about anything cannabis related, as well as marijuana activism and reform. They’re hoping to team up with influential celebrity stoners, Snoop being one of the first, to become a household name in the cannabis industry.

“As we scale our user base towards two million users, we’re looking to leverage the following and influence of pro-cannabis celebrities to help break MassRoots into the mainstream. Snoop’s extensive following can undoubtedly help take MassRoots and the legalization movement to the next level as we look to expand our market share in the rapidly growing cannabis industry.” Isaac Dietrich, MassRoots Chief Executive Officer

Snoop Dogg’s Contributions to the Pot Industry

Snoop Dogg is probably one the most high profile entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry, and his experience and business ventures extend far beyond smoking an alleged 81 blunts per day. Back in 2015, Snoop launched two of his own canna-businesses, the informative website Merry Jane, and Casa Verde Capital, a marijuana industry investment and venture capital firm.

Ted Chung, media entrepreneur and founder of Cashmere Agency, is Snoop Dogg’s business partner for both of these Los Angeles-based companies.

In addition to managing his own cannabis operations, his investment firm has helped dreams come true for business owners and visionaries by providing capital to promising weed startups. They’ve made substantial investments in the California company Eaze, a new age, medical marijuana delivery service that promises to have medicine at the patient’s doorstep within 10 minutes. Eaze has made over 30,000 deliveries since its inception in 2015, and the business is still running strong today.

Casa Verde has also funded LeafLink, an online network that connects cannabis dispensary owners with vendors and other resources. And now his most recent project, celebrity advocate for MassRoots, which he’s very optimistic about. “Check out MassRoots in the App Store, the community just for cannabis,” Snoop stated. “They’re doing big things to help spread marijuana legalization.”

About MassRoots

Isaac Dietrich and Tyler Knight (co-founders of the app) were blazing it up in their college apartment, just like any other day, when the idea for MassRoots was born. In July 2013, MassRoots officially hit the iOS App Store and by 2014 it was available for Android customers also. Within their first few weeks they had already gained thousands of users and now they’re one of the largest cannabis industry, technology platforms in existence.

MassRoots is also partnered with some of the biggest names in the business including the ArcView Group, the Marijuana Industry Group, and the National Cannabis Industry Association.

Despite their steady climb to the top, MassRoots hopes that Snoop Dogg’s popularity will drive more people to their site and help spread the word about the importance of legalization. So far, Snoop has already started by encouraging his 17 million Instagram followers to join the movement.