Bayer, the largest pharmaceutical company in the world, recently reached an agreement to buy out Monsanto for $66 billion. Through immense corporate power and the enforcement of international patent law, these corporations could place themselves in a position of total control over cannabis as a medicine as well as for recreational use. Monsanto could potentially control the cannabis industry using the same strategy they have used with the food crops they control such as corn and soy. Meanwhile Bayer and big pharma as a whole hope to corner the market on medical cannabis.

Michael Straumietis, owner and founder of Advanced Nutrients points out, “Monsanto and Bayer share information about genetically modifying crops. Bayer partners with GW Pharmaceuticals, which grows its own proprietary marijuana genetics. It’s logical to conclude that Monsanto and Bayer want to create GMO marijuana.”

You may remember that Monsanto was voted the most evil company in the world in 2013. Its reputation has continued to decline since.

A merger between these two companies is unsurprising, as they both have long histories of involvement with Nazism and chemical weapons such as agent orange which have devastated Vietnam since the war. In fact, Bayer began as a break-off company of the infamous IG Farben, which produced the chemical weapons used on the Jews during the Nazi reign. After the war, Farben was forced to break up into several companies, including BASF, Hoeschst, and Bayer.

Soon after at the Nuremberg trials, 24 Farben executives were sent to prison for crimes against humanity. However, in just 7 years each of them was released and began filling high positions in each of the former Farben companies, and many of them began working for the Russian, British, and American governments through a joint intelligence venture called “Operation Paperclip”.

Monsanto also has a deep relationship with Scotts Miracle-Gro which plans on conquering the cannabis growing equipment and supplies market.

Hawthorne, a front group for Scotts, has already purchased three of the major cannabis growing companies: General Hydroponics, Botanicare, and Gavita. Many other hydroponics companies have also reported attempted buyouts by Hawthorne.

An unnamed hydroponics lighting representative stated, “When we said we won’t get in bed with them they said, ‘Well, we could just buy your whole company like we did with Gavita and do whatever we want.’”

Jim Hagedorn, CEO of Scotts Miracle-Gro, has even said that he plans to “invest, like, half a billion in the pot business… It is the biggest thing I’ve ever seen in lawn and garden.”

There is still a chance to fight back against the Bayer-Monsanto merger by boycotting genetically engineered products, Miracle-Gro and other Scotts brand products, Bayer pharmaceuticals, and companies that do business with any of these, and by supporting hydroponics and nutrient companies that don’t do business with huge corporate organizations.