On October 18th, more than 16 global experts will gather at The Curtis in Denver for a first-ever, full day discussion on using cannabis therapies to attack opioid addiction and abuse.

Several peer-reviewed studies point to positive CBD aspects of anxiety reduction, cutting chronic pain, and providing inflammation relief—and all of these outcomes can be offered in most of the 29 medically-legal states.

CBD4/Opioids brings leading medical doctors, nurses, researchers, lawyers, and media to examine every aspect of this intersection of troubling opioid overuse issues and the potential to “substitute, recover, and maintain” an opiate reduction or elimination goal.

Attendees will hear from experts including:

  • Bob Hoban, founder of MMJ leading firm Hoban Law Firm that is addressing the DEA’s treatment of medicinal hemp, before it is made into CBD.
  • Dr. Perry Solomon, a co-researcher of last Spring’s 1400 person research on effective reductions of opiates needed with MMJ substitutes.
  • Anita Briscoe, a New Mexico psychiatric nurse who has seen positive CBD use for suffering patients, and is active petitioning the state to add opioid abuse to its list of qualifying conditions for MMJ usage.

From Los Angeles, Joe Schrank will showcase his innovative part-cannabis drug treatment center, High Sobriety.

On the media side, VS Strategies Mason Tvert will discuss the complexities of educating mass markets even as pharma and the federal government cast doubts.

Attendees will hear about all 29 medical states, with emphasis on new MMJ access coming to West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, and Florida, where next year’s expanded CBD/THC rules will improve access in all those state’s high-opioid use and addicted populations.

For more information/press registration:

Jenny Price, NuLeafGroup