Vireo Health of New York, a physician-led company dedicated to providing patients top of the line cannabis therapies, recently launched a massive medical marijuana ad campaign within the state; the first of its kind.

Ari Hoffnung, CEO of Vireo Health of New York said the “Ask your doctor about medical marijuana” ads will appear in nearly 100 NYC subway stations over the next month. The ads are focused at urging New Yorkers of all ages and ethnicities, to have open discussions with their doctors about how medical cannabis could possibly help them. It should never be a taboo topic that makes people nervous.

The four posters, each a different color and each depicting a person of a different background, all from the state’s five licensed medical marijuana producers started appearing on May 22nd.

vireo health

“Advertising in the New York City subway system will not only help increase public awareness about medical marijuana among millions of riders, but also combat the lingering stigma associated with its medicinal use by advertising alongside more traditional healthcare and consumer products,” Ari Hoffnung

Vireo’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Stephen Dahmer hopes the campaign will encourage both patients and medical professionals to feel more comfortable discussing cannabis. “Patients should not be afraid to ask their physicians about anything, including medical marijuana,” Dahmer stated in a press release.

New York state launched their medical marijuana program in January 2016, and in over a year it’s still barely trudging on, with only 19,321 patients and 1,023 registered physicians. That’s minuscule in a state with nearly 20 million people, only 0.08% of the population.

Compare that to states like Maine, where the population is just slightly over 1 million, but there are 50,810 medical marijuana patients, and it’s very disappointing for the Empire State. Vireo and others are hoping this “Ask your doctor campaign” will change that for the better.