Los Angeles rule makers have proposed for the 2018 start of RMJ centers to have all plant-touching licensees cease operations in early 2018, subject to a re-issue of new legal permits after final rules are set. Local cannabis advocates say the move may push most product makers out of LA county and noted that over half of all currently-licensed MMJ permits are not retailers.

In San Francisco, city officials last week said they would not likely be able to meet their goal of issuing new local RMJ licenses by January 1, 2018. All local governments must first issue RMJ permits, which can then be forwarded to CA state officials who have said they will initially issue 4-month temporary permits, as they review applicants long-form submissions. Less than 20% of estimated California growers have started local applications, CN sources report.

TV host Dr. Mehmet Oz has kicked off a change.org petition to demand the National Institute of Health quadruple research funding to study the use of medical cannabis to combat opioid abuse. So far more than 25,000 have signed. Of the introduction of opioid as a panacea, Oz said that 20 years ago, he and his colleagues were “sold a bill of goods” on opioids as a new strategy to treat chronic pain. He said they were led to believe opioids were effective and “couldn’t be addictive,” but later discovered that opioids are addictive and, according to the CDC, there is little evidence to support the claim that they relieve chronic pain. “I was duped. It’s hard to admit it, but I have to face the facts. To make sure it never happens again, I’m asking you to sign this petition,” Oz wrote.

Cancer patients have placed a lot of faith in medical cannabis, as a recent study reports 24% of patients rely on MMJ for relief. Washington has a registered MMJ database, and a much larger group which self-medicates (especially via smoked flower) for the relief of nausea, pain and appetite enhancement, said the report.

In Texas, San Antonio‘s Bexar County has joined Harris County (Houston) and Dallas in new decriminalization measures which will make possession of fewer than 4 ounces of cannabis a non-arresting misdemeanor, causing a fine and citation.

The Professional Golf Association says it will follow rules from the International Olympic Committee and will relax rules by raising standards for MJ in a players’ system ten fold, from the current 15 nanograms per blood unit to 150 nanograms.

A division of Illinois-based Cresco Labs plans to expand into Pennsylvania‘s MMJ network next year and wants to jump-start patient awareness in the Keystone state.  Cresco Yeltrah says it will spend close to half-a-million dollars on billboards, social media and radio messaging telling citizens about potential MMJ benefits. One billboard will declare, “Welcome to a State of Relief” touting the 17 MMJ conditions which will be allowed in 2018.

A report by Berkeley, CA-based Steep Hill Labs says up to 84% of locally available cannabis “clone plants” may be contaminated by pesticides, possibly passed from generation-to-generation. Steep Hill’s report can be found here: http://landing.steephill.com/cleanclones.